Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Heeere's Your Sign!

Here in the Midwest, we've been having some crazy weather. One day snow, the next day thunder and lightning, the next day rain, the next day snain (you know, snow and rain?)... anyway, you get the point. Yesterday it rained pretty much all day. I finally decided to venture out into the storm and of course, my umbrella was nowhere to be found. Surely I wouldn't get too wet just running from my house, to the van, to my final destination. I put on my coat, threw up the hood, and off I went. When I opened the back door, I was greeted by not just a cold, winter rain, but rather sheets of cold winter rain. Let me explain our parking situation to you: in order to get to our vehicles, we have to walk across our backyard, our snow-covered-rained-on-all-day-waterlogged backyard. The backyard didn't look too bad; however, the puddles soon became visible after I started walking and my feet were sinking into the frozen grass. I zig-zagged across the yard trying to find the highpoints to keep the cold water from running into my shoes.

As you might guess I was more than a little wet when I reached the van. Once I arrived at my destination, I ran for the door, trying to dodge the puddles under my feet and the mini water bombs from the gutters overhead. I finally reached the door, threw it open, and stepped inside. last I was out of the rain. Not 3 seconds later, I was greeted by a pleasant voice which asked, "Did you get wet in the rain?" I peered through my wet hair and bit my tongue to keep from saying, "No. I was watering my grass and there was a little overspray! Heeere's your sign!"

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Stephanie said...

Too funny! That reminds me of some of my students. Like the one who asked me where "Hamsterdam" was. Of course I replied "Right next to Gerbilville." This is the same kid that has asked me 6 times now if Frankenstein is real or not. 6 times since Oct!!! Hope you have a good day!