Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Come One, Come All

As promised, here's the re-posting of the contest guidelines:

1. If you're a mom, tell me why you love it,
2. If you're not a mom, tell me what you love about your mom.

Easy enough. Get me your entries by Thursday, May 8 at 5 pm CST and I'll a winner (or randomly if I can't decide). If you refer a friend, you get an extra entry. Make sure your referral mentions your name in their comment so I know who to give credit to.

I think that's it...get to posting!


Stephanie said...

Oops! I jumped the gun. Here's my post again: I like being a mom because I like watching my kids learn and grow everyday. I like listening to their funny little sayings and watching them learn to read.

Jessica Hunt said...

Why do I love being a mom.... Well, I love to hear the cleaver little things that come out of my daughters mouth. I love how she amazes me everyday!!! I love the adventure (some days :)) that it takes to raise a toddler. Most of all I love having a little person look at me and call me mommy, that just melts me.

Andrew Puccini said...

My Mom is one of the most inspiring persons in my life. My Mom finished her degree when she was 57 years old. Why? Because she raised 5 children. When she was 30 she attended college in an attempt to finish a degree in business. But she had two little surprises. Me and my twin brother. A little known fact about my mom, is that when she was in labor with my twin brother she almost died. In fact her heart stopped beating. But, through the grace of God she survived. My mom soon developed a very rare disease known as Sarcoidosis. My Moms dreams of finish college where all but destroyed with the disease at times threatening her life. But, my Mom persevered. Throughout the years my Mom attended UMKC in Kansas City in pursuit of this dream. But that dream was not realized until she was 53 years old. She enrolled in a law enforcement class at Western Illinois University, while living in Macomb, IL, she was hooked. Nathan and I where now in high school and she could focus on her degree. After four years of intense classes and an internship in London, England, she was 19 hours from finishing. Then tragedy struck again, my Dad lost his job. They left Macomb and my Moms dreams were seemingly lost. During that time after they left Macomb, was the hardest time in my Moms life. She had lost all she worked for. They had adopted two children that where only toddlers on with special needs. But, I saw an awesome side of my Mom, she wouldn’t give up. She would put together four to five resumes a day for my Dad and sent them to Church’s she would still have dinner on the table as they lived in an RV for eight months. My Mom persevered. One day my parents wanted to get out the mid-west they decided to go visit my sister in Arizona. Six years later and here they are. My Mom finished her degree through Western Illinois University “with honors” in the spring of 2006. My mom is now enrolled in Harvard University’s jurist doctorate program and is a full-time substitute in Wellton, Arizona school district. Through little surprises, disease, and adversity my Mom persevered. That is what I love about my Mom, she was patient always trusting God to take care of her and her family no matter where the next detour in life may take her. So Many times I would look at what she went through and I would ask her,” how can you handle that?” She would say very direct “ all you can do is pray about it and keep going”. I love my MOM!