Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh to be 2 Again

I write often about the difficulties and excitement my 2 year old causes around our house. Two is such a hard age to parent, but today I'd like to offer a slightly different perspective on 2. I took Ryan to Wal-Mart today and let him pick out big boy undies. He is so proud of those little things! Since he's not even close to knowing when he has to go, I left his jeans off when he tried on his first pair to lighten my laundry load.

While I was upstairs with the baby, I quickly became aware of how quiet it had gotten downstairs. If you've ever known a two year old, you know that's a bad sign. I couldn't find him inside, so I checked outside. There was my precious little boy swinging in the sun without a care in the world. He had on an orange fleece, one sock, and stark-white Lightning McQueen underwear.

After the swinging got old, he decided sliding looked like fun. To fully grasp this next image in your head, you have to understand something about my husband; bigger is always better and faster is better than slower. Matt noticed the slide was a little sticky one day, so he used Windex on it. That didn't quite do the trick, so he Pledged it. Our kids look like greased pigs flying down a hillside. Now invision Ryan in his new little underwear, remember he has just one sock on, flying down our plastic slide. He actually goes into the air at the end of the slide because he's cruising so fast. When his trip comes to an end, he kind of skids across the grass. At the end of every trip down the slide, he giggles the most care-free giggle that only a young child can really do.

When was the last time you played like a 2 year old? I'm certainly not suggesting that we all go outside in our underwear, but have you taken some time to relax lately? My idea of relaxing is usually doing something that I want to do instead something I have to do. My challenge to you for today is to find some time to be carefree. If you take your kids to the park, don't sit on a bench and watch, get on a swing. Swaying gently doesn't count; pump your legs and really get going. Play a game of tag with your kids. They'll love it and I know you'll feel better too.

As parents or grown-ups we think we need to be teaching the kids around us. In truth, we probably need to sit back and be the students once in awhile. One thing I need to learn from my kids is how to laugh out loud and play like I have nothing better to do...because I don't!


Andrew Puccini said...

Happy Birthday if you read this!!! Andrew P.

Lindsay said... birthday was yesterday. :) In case you're trying to think of something to get me, I have an idea for you. Pack your family up and move them to Macomb!! Please!!!!!!


Andrew said...

Why can't you load your family and come visit Arizona. I think we are winning 2 visits to none! Don't give me a line about you having little kids. We did it so can you!!!

matt said...

You had a 4 and 3 year old, we have 4, 2, and 7 months, big difference. Any way by them time we got out there we would have to turn righ back around and drive back. Plus at $4 a gallon, my paycheck just can't handle that:) I mean come on you knwo where I work. You should be winning the visits too, because you are the ones that left;)

matt said...

all my love to ya bro:) Hope to see ya sometime soon.

Stephanie said...

My paycheck can't handle it either so it looks like we are stuck. Sorry! Just e-mail pictures and blogs for now.

P.S. Planes still fly to Arizona!

matt said...

right now driving would probably be cheaper with all these fees the airlines are charging, so like I said before I only have a week off so driving really defeats the purpose of visiting. Plus my vacation time is at the end of July and the desert is not on top of my list for vacation spots. Hope to see you guys somehow, sometime soon. Love ya'll.

Anonymous said...

hey how is it that Matt ended up running the comments?


matt said...

some times I have an opinion, some times not, thats pretty much it:)